Grief & Trials

As a part of my chronological reading plan, I read the book of Job recently. Job has been one of my favorite books of the Bible, which some may consider strange. Some people think that this book is depressing and confusing, which I can understand how people may feel that way. But if you can […]

Anxiety? You Are Set Free!

This week presented an unexpected challenge for me: anxiety. I hadn’t dealt with this intensity of anxiety since 2011, so it was surprising when it caught me off-guard. Back in 2011, when it happened, I was utterly lost in fear for five months. Constant worrying, panic, and fear were taking over my life. I found […]

Birds & the Reminder of God’s Providence

Over the years, I have been reminded of God’s providence in many ways. Whether that be through spoken encouragement or random acts of kindness, I’ve seen God provide for me and show me his nearness. Lately, I have seen huge flocks of birds. Each time I see a flock of birds, I think about God’s […]

Focus & Consistency – 2019 Wrap-up

2019 has been an interesting year. In 2018, I read the Bible from start to finish for the first time and it was an epic journey! In 2019, I had plans to do the same thing again but instead fell off in March. Since then, it has been a struggle for me to get through […]


Ezekiel 18:30-32 ‘Repent and turn from all your rebellious acts, so they will not become a sinful stumbling block to you. Throw off all the transgressions you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. Why should you die, house of Israel? For I take no pleasure in anyone’s death.’ This […]

It’s All About Jesus

I made the decision a year ago that I would read the Bible in its entirety in one year. It was something I always wanted to do, but I usually fell off the plan after getting to Deuteronomy. I almost gave up multiple times, but God gave me the strength to keep pushing forward. When […]

Life & Apathy…BUT GOD!

It’s been a while since I posted anything. And to be honest, this post is one that I decided to write at the last minute…before work! There have been some great developments in my life (getting a new job has been the main thing) and I am so grateful to God that He has been […]

I Just Completed Reading the Old Testament!

Today is sort of a new milestone for me: I have completely read through the entire Old Testament in the Bible! To be honest, I’ve been a Christian for awhile and never read through the entire Bible before. I will be beginning the New Testament tomorrow and I am extremely excited! Many people do not […]

Connecting at “The Swap”

This past Monday, I attended a gathering at my church called “The Swap.” The Swap is essentially a monthly gathering of women who swap meaningful items (books, etc.) and advice/stories with one another. The Swap was ultimately created for connection with other women in the church. Now I will be honest, I consider myself to […]